Windows are another essential part of home construction. It is necessary to keep your home well ventilated, for that window plays a vital role. Here in the construction industry, we have often seen people talking about the Vinyl and Wood windows, and the debate is quite natural. In this blog, let’s look at some pros of the window options that are quite popular among the general masses. As per Window World[1], Wood and Vinyl are two of the most popular options.

Wood Windows: Wood windows are a classic choice, and many people love the look of wooden windows.

  • Natural wood windows have an unmistakable natural beauty.
  • Wooden windows are very insulative, which can help protect homes from warm and cold weather.
  • A wooden window replacement can help increase the value of your home and provide an average ROI (return on investment) of around 67.4%.

Vinyl Windows: Vinyl windows are generally made from high-quality extruded PVC. They’re affordable, durable, and low maintenance, making them a top choice for many homeowners.

  • Vinyl resists water and pests, making vinyl windows a long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance window choice. 
  • Vinyl window replacements cost at least 15% less than wood window replacements. 
  • Vinyl windows come in a variety of colors and styles. They can even mimic the look of wooden windows.
  • Vinyl windows will never need to be repainted or stained to maintain their appearance and function. 
  • As long as you choose a high-quality exterior home remodeler that sells high-quality products, vinyl windows can be highly energy-efficient and insulative.

A full vinyl window replacement can increase the value of your home by over $13,000 with an ROI of around 68.6% – even higher than wood windows.

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