No matter how intense a storm hits your area, it is wise to get a roof inspection by a professional that can guide you well and help you manage and repair the roof if necessary.

Here we will discuss why a professional roof inspection is essential after a heavy storm.

A professional roof inspection can help you know how bad the damage may be and how to rectify it before it gets out of hand. Your inspector is in a place to let you know if you need a simple repair or a total roof replacement.

If your roof is damaged to the point of needing full replacement most people can get a brand new roof for only the cost of their deductible through their insurance.

Many people worry about filing a claim through their insurance company because they are afraid their rates will increase. However, weather related events (high winds, hail, etc.) are considered “no fault” claims that have little to no effect on your premiums.

This will help you make the decision quicker. Also, remember that the benefits of having your roof professionally inspected after a storm far outweigh the cost of doing so; talk less of the cost of not even having one done. Especially since many contractors, including Slim and Trim Construction, will inspect your roof for FREE! These are some of the benefits of having a professional Roof Inspection after a storm

  1. Calling for a professional roof inspection saves money over time
  2. Having Professional Roof Inspection Can Help You Handle Insurance Claims
  3. Most Storm Damage Inspections Are Free.