Core Values


Honesty And Integrity

When you can truly trust a business or an individual, the possibilities are endless.


Without hard work or the will to carry on, a business or an individual will fail.


When every individual does their part and aims to be their best, everyone gets better and impossible goals become reality.

Mission Statement

“We at Slim and Trim Construction aim to provide roofing and siding with exceptional customer service from start to finish.  To be a contractor people can trust and recommend.”

Thomas McNamara


Hi, I’m Thomas, the president and founder of Slim and Trim Construction/STC Roofing.  I started STC in 2015 and have made it my goal to make sure every single customer is taken care of.  Today a lot of my work is in the background but I still make a point to be out in the field and be available to my team and our customers.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out and I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to impress you.

Sean Graddy

Production Manager

My name is Sean and I’ve been the Production Manager at STC Roofs since 2018. In my role, I will be partnering with you to coordinate the dates of your project. I will also work to ensure all materials are ordered/delivered in a timely fashion, and any required permits or inspections are posted and filed.  I am proud to be a part of the STC Roofs team. We are dedicated to our customers which means we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction from start to finish. And with our lifetime warranty, if you call us, we’ll be there. I’m looking forward to assisting you with your home project.

Riley Linck-Tollefsbol

Sales Manager

Hi I’m Riley, I have worked at Slim and Trim since 2021, and I love working here because I get to combine my passion for construction and customer service. My passion for construction comes from growing up with my Dad owning his own construction company and learning from him. My favorite part of my job is seeing the end product of our services and the smile it puts on homeowners faces seeing the end product as well.

Lynn Nurkka

Finance Manager

Small business management has been my passion for the past 30+ years. I am thrilled to have joined the STC team in early 2023 and am so pleased to work alongside this crew. I have been and continue to be thoroughly impressed by their solid vision, integrity, and energy. Their overall commitment to customer satisfaction before, during, and after project completion is apparent in every aspect of daily operations. I look forward to lending my hand in making your full project experience with STC one with which you can be truly satisfied and refer to others with confidence and a smile.

Sawyer DeGroot

Asst. Production Manager

“Hi, I’m Sawyer, I have worked at Slim and Trim since 2022. I am the Assistant Production Manager. My role is to communicate with the project crews to make sure they know what needs to be done that day.  I also make sure all the correct materials are at the project on the day of the build. I am also responsible for repairs. I am proud to be a part of this team!”

Nick Navarro

Project Manager

Hello my name is Nick Navarro and I am a project manager at Slim and Trim Construction.  My role is to make sure your ideal exterior project goes smoothly from start to finish.  Currently, I live in St. Paul, but happily assist homeowners throughout the Twin Cities.

Shane McNamara

Executive Consultant

My name is Shane and I have been with Thomas and STC from day one. In fact the name Slim and Trim Construction is based off mine and Thomas’s initials (SLM and TRM). In my time at STC I have done everything from sales, to production and installation, to billing and accounting. Now I am working in the background to support our team and make sure that you get the most knowledgeable and comprehensive answers to all your questions.