The growing construction industry is evolving in terms of innovation. Vinyl siding is not new in the market, but it has massive benefits. Most constructors endorse the use of vinyl siding because of its durability, which is aesthetic and weatherproof at the same time.

Let us look at the benefits of vinyl siding. As per Rollex,[1] below are six reasons to choose vinyl siding.

  1. Low Maintenance: Many materials claim to be low maintenance, but vinyl comes out on top. While other siding materials have a finish applied to the surface, vinyl’s color penetrates throughout the material. This means the paint won’t chip, peel or flake.
  2. Water Resistant: Vinyl is a type of plastic made of polyvinyl chloride, and, like other plastics, it’s unaffected by moisture or water. That makes it ideal for use in climates that experience a lot of rainfall. While wood siding may swell and warp with humidity, vinyl is completely unaffected by rain and moisture. It won’t swell, shrink, warp, rust or rot.
  3. Pest Resistant: Vinyl also resists insect activity. While wood siding can be prone to termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wasps and other wood-boring insects, vinyl isn’t attractive to any of them. You won’t have to worry about wood-boring insects taking up residence in your exterior or rodents chewing holes in your siding to better access your home.
  4. Multiple Options: Vinyl siding is a type of plastic, and like other plastics, it can be moulded into any shape and infused with any color. When it comes to vinyl, siding can be fashioned into the most popular siding colors and styles. This includes horizontal lap siding, shingles and more.
  5. Easy to install: Vinyl is one of the most accessible and specific types of siding to install when purchased from a quality manufacturer. This locking system makes it easy for a single person to install the vinyl instead of needing a team.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: While vinyl won’t rot or decompose, it can be recycled. So leftover siding and cut pieces can be disposed of environmentally friendly. Vinyl also doesn’t require painting every few years. This is also a plus for the environment because fewer VOCs are being released into the air around your home. VOCs from paint off-gas 50% in the first year, then continue releasing into the atmosphere for the next five years. And once those five years are up, you’re likely to need to repaint your wood siding.

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