It sounds pretty simple, but roof ventilation is essential to proper home construction. Building Performance Institute, INC says, “The main purpose of roof ventilation is to keep the air space above the roof insulation at the same temperature as the outside air”[1].   Here is why we need a proper ventilation system while constructing a home.
  • We have seen roofs damaged by growing mold and mildew; this is a prevalent issue found in many homes. It occurs when there is no proper ventilation system above via roofs.
  • In winters, ice dams formed on the roof and can cause leaking. Even if leaking doesn’t occur the ice dam or the removal of said ice dam can cause damage to your roof.
  • Right temperature in right weather is essential. Ventilation keeps you safe against all the outside weather odds.
  • Moisture in the air, when trapped in roofs due to poor system, leads to destruction, causing massive repairs.
  • No one ever wants to pay huge bills; a sound ventilation system helps you to control your spending on energy bills.
To sum it up, the Articles Factory states, “A roof having a good ventilating system, along with proper maintenance, will live approximately 25% longer than any other roof. A good roof ventilation system ensures a balance between the air coming in and the air going out. The cross ventilation of air around the roof keeps the roof temperature bearable and keeps the material used in the roof’s construction from reaching very high temperatures”[2].
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